Find similar assets

Find Similar assets is a hub feature that allows the user to select an asset and generate with AI a list of existing assets sorted by similarity to the original asset

It is an alternative way to find assets in the hub without using the metadata & standard search


Find similar assets are available on specific tokens (PT_ADVANCED) and require the post process "Vector / Embed" to be enabled: only assets that have been vectorized using this post process are visible to the feature

Assets supported are images (PNG, JPG, WEBP)

How to use this feature?

In any of the hub page, simply select an asset (image: png, jpg, webp) et choose the find similar option in the contextual menu

After computing, you will be presented with a list of assets sorted by similarity with your original asset (indicated with a purple tag): most similar assets are displayed first


The results generated largely depends on the assets available in the hub (ie if the asset selected is unique, the similar assets suggested will be less relevant

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