Brand (logo) recognition

An ML model that detects logos of popular brands, visible in the input image


In today's digital landscape, brands are a vital aspect of any business. A brand logo serves as a symbol of identity, recognition, and trust. Managing and protecting brand assets is essential for maintaining brand consistency, ensuring compliance, and maximizing brand visibility. Our model is designed to streamline this process by automating the detection and categorization of brand logos within your digital assets, facilitating effective brand asset management.

The Brand recognizer is powered by state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms, and trained on vast datasets containing diverse brands from a wide selection of industries. This enables the model to accurately recognize and detect brand logos with varying sizes, orientations, and backgrounds within the provided images.

The model supports a vast number of popular brands and enables efficient brand analytics and monitoring, providing valuable insights and efficient brand management within our service.

Use cases

The following are some use cases, suitable for our Brand recognition model:

  • Brand monitoring and compliance - By identifying brand logos in user-generated content, the model assists in brand monitoring, ensuring compliance with brand guidelines and protecting brand integrity.

  • Brand analytics - The model provides insights into brand visibility and presence by analyzing the frequency and distribution of detected brand logos across digital assets. This information can be used for brand performance evaluation and marketing strategies.

  • Competition Analysis - By recognizing competitor brand logos within the digital assets, the model aids in conducting competitive analysis, identifying market trends, and evaluating brand positioning.

  • Image Retrieval - The Brand Recognizer enables efficient searching and retrieval of digital assets by logo-based queries. Users can locate specific assets based on recognized brands.

  • Digital rights management - Copyright and licensing agreements can be enforced with automatic logo detection and tracking. This ensures compliance with intellectual property regulations.

API endpoints

An up-to-date reference with all API endpoints is available here:

Example API responses

Input imageInput image
Output previewOutput preview
API responseAPI response

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