Scene classification

An ML model that accurately classifies images, offering appropriate scene categories and attributes


The Scene classifier is a cutting-edge artificial intelligence system integrated into our service. Its primary function is to analyze and classify images based on their environmental context and distinguish between indoor and outdoor scenes. Leveraging the power of deep learning and neural networks, this model can accurately determine the setting of an image and provide insights about various scene categories, that the image has been determined to be part of.

The model offers a rich set of scene categories and attributes to help users understand the context of their images better. Some of the scene categories include landscapes, beaches, mountains, forests, interiors, exteriors, etc. It can also identify specific attributes like natural lighting, artificial lighting, crowded spaces, open spaces, urban settings, rural settings and more.

Typical Use Cases

Scene classification can be appropriate in the following use cases:

  • Content organization - The Scene classifier plays a vital role in automatically organizing large collections of images. By accurately determining whether an image is taken indoors or outdoors, users can easily filter and group their assets based on environmental context, streamlining content management and retrieval.

  • Marketing campaigns - Marketing teams can sort and analyze images that are relevant to specific campaigns. For instance, for an outdoor adventure campaign, the system can help select images of landscapes, mountains, and beaches, thus ensuring consistent and fitting visuals.

  • Search optimization - Scene classification adds a new layer of metadata to the images. This enhances search capabilities, enabling efficient searching for specific scenes or environments.

API endpoints

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Example API responses

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