Number plate blurring

Automatic and accurate blurring of license plate numbers in images to protect privacy and comply with data regulations


License plate blurring is the process of obscuring the license plates of vehicles in images so they become unreadable. Such a feature can be really useful, especially as online privacy is becoming a concern for many. It can be used to prevent the identification of vehicles by automatically blurring their license plates.

The Number plate anonymizer is an advanced ML model, designed to protect privacy and comply with data protection regulations. It efficiently detects vehicle registration plates within images and automatically applies a precise blur filter, rendering the plate numbers and characters illegible, while preserving the integrity of the surrounding content.

Use cases

Automatic plate blurring can be useful across various scenarios:

  • Security - The model can be utilized to automatically blur license plates in user images, protecting the privacy of individuals and vehicles by ensuring that sensitive information remains confidential.

  • Public image galleries - Any visible license plates are automatically blurred, adhering to privacy regulations and protecting personal data.

  • Vehicle sales and auctions - In online vehicle sales or auction platforms, license plates in vehicle images can be blurred, thus safeguarding the identities of sellers and buyers.

  • Insurance and claims - Insurance companies can anonymize sensitive information on damaged vehicles in images used for claims processing.

API endpoints

An up-to-date reference with all API endpoints is available here:

Example API responses

Input imageInput image
Output previewOutput preview
API responseAPI response

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