This page contains company-wide settings applying to all projects


This page section contains the key personal information about the user:


Company name

The company name displayed in the upper left corner of the Asset Hub, unless a project logo has been uploaded under Branding

Default language

When a Default language is selected, it will be used for all users.

Please note that it can be changed individually in My Account by each user.

Access management

In this section, the user can specify the security settings company-wide


Multi-factor authentication

Enable or disable MFA for all company or company project users. The MFA Code will be sent via email. Please note that MFA is bypassed if SSO is enabled.

Single sign-on (SSO)

Configure SAMLv2-based SSO to enable users to access the Asset Hub using SSO via an Identity Provider (IdP).


Configure SSO for users to log in with their corporate credentials (such as Active Directory, Okta or Azure AD / Entra ID) into Filerobot.

An Identity Provider supporting SAMLv2 is required.

To configure SAMLv2-based SSO, click on the Add SSO connection button. Any Identity Provider supporting the SAMLv2 protocol is supported.

After saving the SSO connection, every user attempting to log in with an email address from the domain configured in Step 3 will be redirected to the configured Identity Provider and automatically logged into the Asset Hub if an active SAMLv2 session is enabled.

Terms and conditions (Ts & Cs)


Prompt new users to accept the company's Ts & Cs on first login

Enable or disable the requirement for users to accept the customizable T&Cs upon first login

Ts & Cs content

The custom text or HTML to display to users on their first login. Supports multiple languages.

Force all users to accept the new Ts & Cs

Modifying the content of Ts & Cs will create a new version. Enabling this setting will force users having already accepted the previous version of the Ts & Cs to accept the updated version upon next login.

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