Product type

An ML model classifying an image as pure product image or application image, showing the product in use


The Product type classifier is a machine learning model, specifically designed to classify images into two categories:

  • Pure product images typically show the product by itself in a clear and uncluttered way. The goal in this case is to focus on and highlight the product features and design.

  • Product application Images that show the product in use or context, often in a real-world setting. These images are designed to illustrate how the product can be operated, its potential benefits, and how it fits into a larger system or environment.

Product imageApplication image

The model is particularly useful in the context of online stores and businesses dealing with large collections of product images. By leveraging its power, businesses can streamline their digital asset management workflows, organize image libraries, and deliver personalized user experiences.

Typical use cases

Some typical use cases include:

  • Image library organization - Online stores often have vast libraries of product images that need to be effectively organized and categorized. The classifier can automatically sort images based on their content, facilitating easy retrieval and management.

  • Search enhancement - The model allows for more accurate search and filtering capabilities. Users can easily find images that showcase the product itself or images that demonstrate its usage in real-world contexts.

  • Content Curation - The classifier aids in curating image galleries and content showcases by providing an automated classification of images. It aids in showcasing product images in relevant contexts, ensuring a coherent and focused presentation.

  • Product Recommendations - By understanding whether an image focuses on the product or its application, businesses can enhance their recommendation algorithms. The classifier can be used to tailor recommendations based on the user's preference for pure product images or application images.

API endpoints

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Example API responses

Product imageAPI response
Application imageAPI response

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