Compose image or text layers over the main image

Filerobot can place a watermark on top of your images if you want to protect them from copying, or tag them with a serial number or custom text. There are three types of watermarks - click on each one for more details.

Multiple watermarks

This is a beta feature, please contact our support to activate it for your token

Basic syntax

You can overlay multiple watermarks by indexing the parameters in the URL wat[1]=1&wat[2]=1. The wat=1 parameter must be indexed and contain all watermarks to activate the feature.

All parameters without indices will be applied to all watermarks in the image.


In the above fragment, wat_opacity=0.5 will be applied to both watermarks.

Multiple watermark types

Combining multiple watermark types is also possible. Remember that the presense of wat_url=X parameter defines a dynamic watermark, wat_text=X defines a text watermark and the absence of either defines a static watermark.


In the above fragment, there are three watermarks. Watermark 2 is a dynamic watermark, watermark 3 is a text watermark and watermark 1 is a static one.

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