Create transformations

Transformations are dynamically generated variations of an origin asset

Unlike versions or edited images, transformations do not create separate files in the DAM.

Transformations are generated via URL query parameters and can be created graphically via the Filerobot Image Editor for single assets or programmatically in bulk.

There are 2 ways to use transformations once created:

  1. Download them to your local computer for further re-use. Various formats are available when downloading a transformation.

  2. Deliver over optimized (JPEG, WebP or AVIF) CDN URLs

When you are using Filerobot DAM, you will notice that we introduce the concept of File Version vs. File Transformation.

Creating transformation for a single image via the Image Editor

In order to create a new image transformation, you can open the transformation panel within the Asset Management modal:

Here the user has the option to create a new transformation by clicking on + Add transformation box. The Image Editor pops up and allows the user to create and save a transformation graphically:

Once the transformation is saved, you can hover over it to either download it directly or copy an optimized CDN link to your clipboard for further distribution:

For example, the optimized CDN link to the feed portrait transformation for Instagram looks like:

The query parameters suffixed to the image CDN URL trigger Filerobot to generate the transformation on-the-fly and cache it in the CDN.

Creating transformation in bulk via custom presets

Unlike single transformations which are created using the Image Editor for each asset, custom presets are the way to go when it comes to generating transformations automatically in bulk.

Step 1: Create a custom transformation preset

Navigate to the Settings / Project / Process / Delivery URLs page and scroll to the Dynamic asset transformation presets section to create a preset:

To create the new Preset, click the "+ Add preset" button and pick a file to work on. Then, an Image Editor will pop up, letting you crop the test image as you like, add a watermark, or apply a certain effect.

When you are ready, save the changes. Filerobot will generate a Preset, containing the chosen operations and filters. You can always review the exact configuration and rewrite it using the "..." menu -> Edit or Edit in Image Editor.

For each Preset, you can set the "Autogenerate" option and the transformation will apply automatically whenever you upload new images.

Additionally, you can select only specific Presets (image transformations) to be generated during image upload.

Step 2: call the transformation URL using the preset

The custom preset created above can be used with the query parameter p (for "preset") to generate the transformation:

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