Why a Headless DAM?

Similar to a headless CMS or a PIM, a Headless DAM decouples the media asset management back office from the web or mobile interfaces used to publish assets

First, what is actually a Headless DAM?

A Headless DAM helps decouple the creative process from the workflows required to publish media asset on the web and mobile. For example, creative teams or app users will feed media assets into Filerobot via the The Filerobot Asset Hub or the Filerobot Media Asset Widget, while developers will use Filerobot's Headless DAM capabilities to publish the media assets on the target web or mobile applications.

A headless DAM is a DAM that allows the creation of custom frontends or galleries to provide an integrated upload experience or display media asset galleries in flexible ways.

A Headless DAM integrates well in a composable architecture, for example for an E-Commerce project with an ERP, a PIM and a CMS.

Benefits of a Headless DAM

A Headless DAM enables publishers on various channels to upload, process, and publish digital assets with the least amount of work and maximum effectiveness. Headless DAM is one of the finest options for brands and companies who wish to distribute massive volumes of digital assets across numerous platforms.

With customizable user interfaces, cross-platform data exchange, and streamlined workflows, Headless DAM offers users a quick and fast way to manage their digital assets.

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