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Zapier automation

Filerobot Zapier integration
Zapier connects over 3,000 different tools, applications, and services you need to manage your business. Their simple integration platform allows anyone to seamlessly integrate Filerobot with other applications to automate workflows.
The Filerobot integration allows to:
  • Setup a trigger when a new file is uploaded to Filerobot (useful for setting up notifications, transforming uploaded files or using other tools)
  • Upload new files to Filerobot
  • Transform files in Filerobot (this is done by adding transformation functions to the file CDN link)
  • Search for existing files and folders
  • Create folders


Start a new Zap and add a tool to start the trigger with. It can be Filerobot or any other tool. Filerobot can either start the Zap or execute the actions for the trigger coming from other tools, as shown in the example below.
Once the Filerobot trigger/action is added, you will be asked to "Choose account" to connect to Filerobot.
New browser window will pop up asking for authentication details to Filerobot Asset Hub.
Filerobot Token can be found in the Filerobot Asset Hub project selector and next to the project title. While Filerobot API Secret Key is available in the Developers menu in the Filerobot Asset Hub. Make sure the API Secret Key has the minimum required permission for the actions of the Zap.
Once done, you have successfully connected your Filerobot account to your Zapier account.
After the account is successfully configured and authenticated, you will be able to set up the triggers and actions for execution.
When selecting the Folder Path, if you leave it as a default option, it will only do actions on the Home folder of your Filerobot account. When looking for a specific folder, you can add the folder path manually or use the search function for exiting folders in the Home folder path.