Some of the key capabilities of the Widget are:

  • Single and multi-file uploads into a Filerobot storage container (project)

  • Optimized for mobile

  • Upload via Drag & Drop or Copy & Paste

  • Upload from 3rd party storages such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Facebook, Instagram

  • Webcam and screencast integration to upload real-time videos and screen recordings

  • File explorer and media gallery with file management capabilities (folder creation, file move, rename, ...)

  • Zipped download of multiple files

  • File versioning with history, version browsing

  • File and media asset sharing via accelerated CDN links

  • Media gallery with powerful search capabilities based on tags and customizable metadata (taxonomy)

  • AI-based tagging of images

  • Embedded Filerobot Image Editor for inline image editing

  • Image annotator and comments for collaboration

  • Image variant generator with customizable template to generate optimal sizes for social media posts (example)

  • Native support of Blurhash from our friends at Wolt for compact representation of a placeholder for an image

  • Post-upload video transcoding for delivering HLS & DASH playlists for adaptive streaming

  • On-the-fly image resizing via Cloudimage


A demo page of the FMAW with all modules enabled is available here.

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