Upload assets

Upload assets in bulk from your local computer or various external sources


The Filerobot Uploader lets you upload assets in the DAM from a variety of sources:
  • Your device's storage, camera or screen
  • Web links
  • Third party sources like Google Drive, Dropbox, Instagram, and many others.
You can drag & drop, copy & paste or browse to the file's location to select it for upload:
Multiple source uploading made easy

Transform assets during upload

You can transform your assets as part of the upload process.
File type
Available operations
  • Resize - set the maximum width and height for the image to be resized to after upload
  • Edit image - crop; adjust the brightness, contrast and other attributes; add filters; draw on the image; or add watermarks. See Edit images for more information.
  • Change the resolution - automatically or to fit a specific device type (desktop, mobile, tablet, etc...)
  • Transcode - generate HLS and/or DASH manifest files for adaptive streaming. See Transcode for more information.
any type
  • Rename - by clicking once on the filename or selecting Rename from the context menu
  • Manage details - by choosing the Manage option from the context menu. See Manage assets for more information.
  • Add metadata - by pressing the Fill metadata button. See Metadata for more information.
  • ... and of course, remove the file as well as add more files for upload (via Add more button)
Resize images and transcode videos during the upload process

Monitoring upload progress

Once you click the Upload button, a progress icon is shown on each asset, as well as an overall Progress bar underneath the Upload modal, showing the cumulative progress of all assets:

Upload results

There are 3 possible end states and relevant actions:
Asset highlighting
Available actions
Successfully uploaded
Failed to upload
  • Remove the file
  • Retry the upload
Duplicate detected (see Storage for possible system policies on duplicate detection)
  • Remove the file
  • Show file location (only available if the Duplicate policy is set to Override)