The Filerobot token

The Filerobot token is a key concept to understand when working with Filerobot. It identifies your tenant, aka project.

Whether you need to enhance sharing and collaboration around media assets within siloed teams to increase productivity or manage millions of product images, videos and data sheets, Filerobot's multi-tenancy will enable you to address all use cases from a single pane of glass.

  • Single or multi-brand scenarios?

  • Single or multi-site setup?

  • Interactions between multiple internal and external teams as part of your Content

  • Operations?

Filerobot's scalable multi-tenancy will prevent asset duplication, save time in categorizing and retrieving assets and overall structure your media asset library to set your organization for success when it comes to building engaging and fast digital experiences.

Each tenant is called a Project identified by a Token ({token}) in the DAM. A project hierarchy can be created with users and teams given various access permissions to a single or multiple projects.

Each new Filerobot account comes with a first token or project. Each project combines a storage container to store assets and a CDN distribution to deliver optimized assets over CDN all around the world.

Some system settings are project-specific while others are company specific.

As a simple rule, all Organisation settings are linked to the company, while all other settings such as Project or Development or are project-specific.

Company-wide vs project-wide users

Users can be created at company level and thus access all company projects or at project-level to restrict their access to only specific projects. See Users for more details.

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