Search & find assets

Advanced search and filtering

The search bar allows user to use simple search with keywords

Advanced search is activated by typing the @ sign and selecting one of the dedicated search operator (filename,...). This allows user to search in specific fields - file, metadata, asset properties, etc.

User can also use the Context dropdown to narrow down the search scope to a specific folder or to Favourites.


By timestamp

Assets can be filtered by their creation or last modification date using pre-defined or custom time frames

By file format

With the format filter, user can choose from a list of asset types or file formats depending on the content of the Filerobot container

By filesize

Filtering by filesize by entering a size range

By tags

This option allows user to filter by selecting one or more tags in the container

By metadata

The metadata filter allows user to select multiple metadata fields as well as multiple values for each field and apply them as filters

By image info and content

The image group of filters lets user filter by image dimensions/resolution, contents, color or aspect ratio

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