Headless & Collaborative DAM overview

Filerobot is an AI-powered Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform with integrated image and video optimizers to store, organize and accelerate media galeries online

Filerobot can be implement either as or as a combination of:

  • Collaborative DAM for marketing, content and creative teams to upload, manage and transform marketing assets in one central source-of-truth

  • Headless DAM for organizing, optimizing and delivering millions of media assets via API and integrating into your tech stack easily

  • Media Asset Widget for providing a fast and modern upload experience and delivering media galleries on any web application

Filerobot is architected to scale and manage thousands to hundreds of millions of assets per customer tenant.

The Filerobot DAM Platform

Filerobot is a modular platform build around 5 main components:

  1. Filerobot File System: A scalable cloud-based file system to store and organize files across the globe

  2. Web applications such as the The Asset Hub, the Filerobot Media Asset Widget (FMAW), the Sharebox and Airbox to offer multiple entry and media distribution points for content administrators, contributors and consumers

  3. ASK Filerobot: AI-powered automations to enrich and moderate assets and generate variants

  4. Media optimizers to transform and optimize images, videos and any static content on-the-fly and accelerate over CDN

  5. A multi-CDN delivery infrastructure to accelerate asset loading times worldwide

Through a variety of APIs, plugins and connectors, Filerobot is designed to be integrated in an ecosystem of 3rd party applications such as PIM, CMS, ERP, booking platforms, and more.

The Filerobot File System

Filerobot relies on a multi-tenant, scalable and flexible file system serving as foundation to an intuitive for enabling DAM workflows and integrations within your Content Operations.

AI-powered uploads automatically tag assets for better classification, data enrichment and search while content moderation algorithms automate User-Generated Content (UGC) flows.

Web-based applications to upload and manage assets

The Asset Hub

Filerobot is designed to be the central Hub for all brand and product images, videos as well as static assets in your organization. The Filerobot Media Asset Widget provides interfaces to your internal and external stakeholders to upload, categorize, collaborate and deliver fast and beautiful media assets via multiple channels to global audiences.

Filerobot Media Asset Widget (FMAW)

The Filerobot Media Asset Widget is a versatile file uploader and media gallery seamlessly integrated into an easy-to-use modal or inline widget. As a window to the Filerobot DAM, it empowers users to enjoy accelerated uploads through Filerobot's robust content ingestion network and reverse CDN as well customizable galleries.

The FMAW offers advanced capabilities such as inline image editing, search, filtering, bulk management of tags and metadata.

It is an ideal solution for building interactive media upload and management experiences in your web or mobile applications.


The Sharebox is Filerobot's external sharing feature that allows to securely share multiple assets directly from the DAM with external parties. Select the files for sharing and create a password-protected Sharebox with optional password protection and expiration date. All active Shareboxes are accessible within the shared tab in the Asset Hub, allowing you to manage them in one place.


The Airbox grants external users to upload assets directly into specific folders in the DAM using public links. Password-protection and expiration date are optionally available.

AI-powered automations: ASK Filerobot

ASK Filerobot is the hub running all Filerobot's ML and AI capabiltiies. Upon asset upload, ASK Filerobot intelligently extracts information from your media assets with AI and grants you the flexibility to initiate various tasks.

These post-processing capabilities can be done in 2 ways:

  • Asynchronous processes allow you to avoid waiting for the process to complete during the upload

  • Synchronous processes empower you to validate assets based on pre-defined criteria

This versatile feature streamlines your asset management process to suit specific business needs.

Media optimizers

Filerobot integrates 3 advanced image, video, and static file optimizers, empowering you to transform your media assets on-the-fly or through a background process after uploading.

  • Image optimization: Filerobot will save you hours in image processing tasks by manipulating and transforming your images, optimized for web delivery.

  • Video optimization: Filerobot's adaptive streaming and video transcoding features ensure your videos load fast anywhere and on any device. Filerobot can transcode your videos in multiple target resolutions and generate the playlist (manifest) for your DASH or HLS video players.

  • Static content: With the Filerobot CDN, Filerobot efficiently accelerates the delivery of all types of static content, including PDFs, CSS and JS minification.

Multi-CDN media acceleration

Filerobot collaborates with numerous Content delivery Network (CDN) providers that boast an extensive global network of thousands of Points-of-Presence (PoP). This strategic partnership allows Filerobot to efficiently cache media assets as close as possible to the viewers, resulting in significantly faster loading times of assets regardless of the channel, device and user location.

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