Managing metadata

Incorporating metadata enriches your assets with valuable insights, transforming them into more than just files – they become organized, searchable, and informative resources

View metadata details

Asset metadata can be viewed and managed from the asset management modal.

Edit metadata details

Users with level Contributor or higher, can edit metadata fields during or after file upload.

Editing a single asset

Bulk edit of metadata on multiple assets

You can also edit metadata fields of multiple assets in bulk. For that purpose, select the assets you want to edit metadata of and select the Edit multiple assets option from the contextual menu or navigation bar:

If any metadata field is configured as "Required" in the metadata structure, no metadata changes can be saved if the field value stays empty.

Search by metadata values

You have 2 ways to retrieve assets by metadata fields:

You can search by a specific metadata field in the search bar, pointing to this field with the special symbol @:

If can combine metadata-based search with free text search.

Metadata filter

Alternatively, you can use the Metadata filter to select a field and a search value. Entering multiple metadata fields in the metadata filter will perform an "OR" search.

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