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Filerobot Shopify app



  • Have a Filerobot Asset Hub account, with the Filerobot App installed. If you don't have an account yet, please contact us to get one;

  • Create the Security Template Identifier (SEC) to use the app (Setting > Security templates > Add template)

  • You already have a store on Shopify.

Step 1. Install and configure

From Shopify, open the Filerobot app in the Apps menu item and click the button “Configuration”

  • Fill-in your Filerobot token, CNAME (not required), Security Template Identifier (SEC), Upload Directory (not required, the default will be "/"), and “Save”

Step 2. Add Filerobot Snippets

  • Add Filerobot snippets to your theme: In modal Configuration, click the button “Update Snippets” to update or create new Filerobot snippets in your theme store.

Step 3. Install Filerobot Webhooks

  • Add product webhooks for action create/update/delete, that will check and update images to Filerobot Hub when the user has action create/update/delete.


Upload your Shopify product media to Filerobot

  • In Shopify, open the Filerobot app from the Apps menu item.

  • Click the button “Sync All Product Media”, the process will run in the background for a few minutes depending on the number of images on your store, the process will download all product images from Shopify and store them on Filerobot Library.

Sync media from Filerobot Hub to Shopify

  • Fill in your product name you need to "Sync"

Display images on your site

You can add Filerobot images to your site by editing your theme's code.

The snippets provide the functionality to display images on your site

  • filerobot-image-tag.liquid: Builds an image tag with multiple sources to render product images on your site lazily, applying transformations.

  • filerobot-product-media.liquid: Uses filerobot-image-tag to render product images on your site, with optional transformations.

  • filerobot-url.liquid: This will help you build a Filerobot URL to deliver an image on your site with any transformations that you want to apply.

You can use these snippets in your theme's code, referencing them in other snippets or sections.

Display any Filerobot image on pages

You can use filerobot-image-tag.liquid or filerobot-url.liquid to display Filerobot image on your page

  • First we need assign variable fr_metafields


{%- assign fr_metafields = product.metafields.filerobot_galleries -%}
  • To render image tag


{% render 'filerobot-image-tag', media: media.preview_image, metafields: fr_metafields, class: '', width: 1100, height: 1100, sizes: '(min-width: 750px) calc(100vw - 22rem), 1100px', media_id: %}
  • To get Filerobot image url


<img src="{%- render filerobot-url', media: media.preview_image, metafields: fr_metafields, optimizer: '?grey=1&width=500&height=500' -%}">

Note: Read more about attribute optimizer following this LINK

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