Hygraph app

Integrate Hygraph with Filerobot by Scaleflex to bring in and manage your digital assets seamlessly from the DAM as the Single Source of Truth.

With this application, users can upload, store, edit, manage, optimize, enrich and automate their media assets right within their Hygraph UI, saving time and better enhancing their workflow.

Publish your Media Assets directly from within Hygraph with the Filerobot Media Asset Widget:

  • As Original: This option is available for all assets. Adds them to the content entry as is as preview or downloadable element.

  • As Transformation: This option is only available for image assets. It lets you modify the image format, quality, size, and even crop part of it.

This integration is developed and maintained by our partner Hygraph.

Useful resources:

  • General information: LINK

  • Installation guide: LINK

  • Hygraph community (slack): LINK

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