Seamlessly extract and combine specific sections of input videos


The video trimming service provides a seamless solution for trimming video files based on provided time intervals. It allows you to specify start and end times to extract specific sections from the input video, which are then joined together to create a new consolidated video file.

By leveraging video trimming, customers gain precise control over their video content, extracting specific sections and then joining them into merged video files. Whether they need to compile promotional videos, create social media content or produce video highlights, our service empowers them to streamline their video management process, deliver engaging content and create captivating video experiences for their audience.

Typical use cases

This service can prove beneficial for multiple use cases, such as:

  • Content compilation - Specific sections from multiple source videos can be extracted and joined together to create compilations and highlight reels. This is valuable for creating promotional materials and recaps that showcase the best moments from various sources.

  • Advertisement campaigns - Sections from longer videos can be extracted to create concise advertisement videos. This ensures efficient delivery within potential time constraints.

  • Video previews - The most enticing sections of long videos can be extracted to create engaging previews, thus generating excitement and encouraging viewers to watch the complete video.

  • Social media content - Videos can be modified to meet any specific duration or content requirements for a given social media platform, leading to videos that are optimized for social media sharing and ensuring maximum engagement.

API endpoints

Information about the specific API endpoints is available in an always up-to-date documentation, that can be accessed via the following link:

There, you can find detailed information about the API endpoints, together with all required request parameters, so you know how to interact with them.


Input video

Request body

        "url": ""
        "time_data": "[('00:00:00','00:00:03')]"

API response

    "status": "ok",
    "version": 2.11,
    "result": [
            "uuid": "43d2c710-d802-4b4f-9ff6-b66b70ff6e02",
            "file": "water",
            "trimmed": "",
            "sha1": "f8090b396a5d317776e054b7287f3c83d6287e65",
            "progress": ""

Output video

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