Commercetools FaaS App

Filerobot Commercetools connector app



  • Nginx

  • PM2

  • Nodejs > v16.10.0

  • Certbot

Step 1. Download and install

To install the Filerobot module, please follow the steps below:

  • 1. Download the latest version Download Latest release of Module

  • 2. Upload and unzip to the server at your domain path (Ex: /var/www/public_html/)

  • 3. Configuration Commercetools & Filerobot plugin (Read 2. Configuration)

  • 4. Go to the source folder and run "npm install", "npm run build" (this command will build and create a folder public)

  • 5. Go to the folder public and run "pm2 serve --spa".

  • 6. Config your domain, port you will run with Nginx and create SSL with Certbot (Read here) For example, config with port 8080

Step 2. Configure

  • Get the applicationId and entryPointUriPath of Commercetools (Read here)

Configure the Filerobot module as follow:

  • For Commercetools project:

    • Clone file custom-application-config.example.mjs and rename to custom-application-config.mjs

    • Input your Commercetools configuration

    • Set your entryPointUriPath at src/constants.js

  • For Filerobot module:

    • Clone file filerobot-config.json.example in folder "src" and rename to filerobot-config.json

    • Input your Filerobot token, SEC, upload directory, and any other options as fitting.

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