Filerobot Contentstack App

The features of the Filerobot Contentstack App include:

  • Asset Manager widget in Contentstack Content Management;

  • Multiple file type support;

  • Metadata sync: asset metadata from Filerobot will show on your Rest/GraphQL response.

There are 3 simple steps for enabling the App on your Contentstack instance

  • (prerequisite) Have a Contentstack Account;

  • Obtain a Filerobot token (request it here);

  • Install the Filerobot App from the Marketplace;

  • Add your security configuration parameters to access your Filerobot library.



  1. Register for a demo if you don't already have a Filerobot account.

  2. Sign up to Contentstack.

Step 1. Install from Contentstack Marketplace


Step 2. Configure the app

  • Security Template Identifier: Security template ID, found in the Developers top menu;

  • Container: Your Filerobot token from the Asset Hub interface;


  1. Custom Field

  2. JSON Rich Text Editor

1. Custom Field

Step 2. Select Scaleflex Filerobot

2. JSON Rich Text Editor

Step 3. Save and Close

Step 4. On Your Entry open Filerobot and choose image

JSON format

  1. Custom Field

  1. JSON Rich Text Editor

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