Tags are pre-set values which can be applied to assets for filtering and classification purposes. Tags can also be generated automatically based on image content using integrated AI-based image recognition algorithms.

Assigning Tags to Assets

You can add tags to assets using the Bulk Edit or Single file edit functionality.

Bulk assignment of tags

In order to assign a specific tag to multiple assets, you need to select the files and then to choose option "Edit multiple assets".

Then choose "Tags" and you can specify the tags that you would like to apply to your assets.

Clicking on "Regional settings" you can choose the language on which to apply your tags.

Assigning tags to 1 asset

You can assign tags to a single file by selecting that file, then clicking on "Manage" and choosing the icon representing "Edit metadata".

At that point, you will get the option to add new tags, choosing them from the "Suggested" list or generating them using AI service (if this feature is enabled for your project). If you start typing a tag that is currently not existing in the Tags list, it will be added to the list and attached to the asset at the same time.

Detaching tags from assets

Detaching a tag from multiple assets at the same time

For that purpose, you need to use the Bulk Edit functionality. Please select the files that contain the tag which you want to detach and choose the "Editing multiple assets" option. Then in the Tags section choose "Delete" and specify the tag that you want to remove.

Detaching a tag from an asset

Please select the asset which tags you want to edit, then go to "Manage" and open the "Edit metadata" mode. Now you have the option to remove tags by clicking on the "x" symbol at the top-right corner of every tag or to choose the "Clear all" option so to delete the entire tags list.

Searching by tags

In order to search by a specific tag in the Search box, you need to type #name-of-your-tag or to use the dedicated Tags filter.

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