Strapi (v4)

Filerobot Strapi plugin
To get Filerobot integrated you will need to setup these 2 components:
  • All your media will be hosted on Scaleflex's Filerobot platform;
  • You have the option to syncronize all your existing media to Filerobot;
  • You will have access to Filerobot Media Asset Widget (FMAW), where you can upload media to Filerobot and select media from Filerobot.
  • Additional workflows or enrichments can be performed from the Filerobot Hub UI



Register for a demo if you don't already have a Filerobot account.

Step 1. Get the plugin

Install the Filerobot plugin and you should see Filerobot by Scaleflex in the left menu.
The following options are available to you:

Step 2. Get the upload provider

Then, install the Filerobot upload provider. Every media you upload will have Filerobot URLs:


Filerobot Media Asset Widget (FMAW)

Upload media to Filerobot:
Select media from Filerobot:


  1. 1.
    Beginning with 2 local images
  1. 2.
    and 4 images on Filerobot
  1. 3.
  1. 4.
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