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Dynamic media transformations for images, videos and static content to accelerate assets on any device, in any location
Filerobot integrates image, video and static file optimizers to dynamically transform and compress Filerobot and externally-hosted media assets. Delivery is then accelerated over multi-CDN all around the world.
​Image optimization​
Learn how Filerobot will resize, crop, compress, watermark and apply various filters to your images to make them look beautiful, slim through WebP & AVIF, and load fast on any device around the World
​Video optimization​
Adaptive video streaming over HTTP is key to have videos load fast any where on any device. Filerobot can transcode your videos in multiple target resolutions and generate the playlist for your DASH or HLS video player to consume.
​Static content​
Filerobot offers you on-the-fly static content optimization to minify JS and CSS files. PDFs can be converted and delivered as images.