Labels are used for categorizing and describing items, allowing for flexible grouping and easy Search. One asset can have multiple labels.

Difference between Labels, Tags, and Collections

Labels allow users to organise their assets in a more structured and permanent way than Tags. They are static - unlike the dynamic Collections whose assets change through applicable filters - and are similar in principle to the labels on physical products (drinks, foods, clothes).

Users can still modify a given label and/or change which assets fall under it.

The system also allows users to view and search both the labels and their applicable assets.

Labels view

The Labels page can be accessed from the main menu on the Library page:

Managing labels

Creating labels

You can create named, colour-coded labels by clicking on + Add label button. This allows you to list and manipulate all assets assigned to a specific label in a single view.

  • Title - please choose a meaningful name for your new label

  • Colour selector - you can choose a color for your label by clicking on the pre-defined colors or specifying its RGB code in the field bellow

  • Pinned - if this checkbox is marked, then the new label will appear on the top of the labels list. On Sort the system will sort first the Pinned labels and then will show the other ones.

Editing labels

In order to open the Configuration window, allowing you to manage your labels, you need to click on the "Settings" icon in the left panel of the page:

That will open the "Manage labels" window where you have options to Search, Add new labels, Edit the current configuration or Delete existing labels.

If you want to delete a label, it is a good practice to ensure that the number of the current assets assigned to it, is "0".

Attaching a label to an asset

Invoking the context menu on an individual or multiple selected assets and choosing the Labels sub-menu lets the user search and apply the available labels:

If, during the Search, no exact match is found, the user has the option to create a new label and apply it to the asset immediately:

Detach a label from an asset

This function is available on the Labels page when selecting a file and opening its context menu:

The user can select multiple files too and use the ... icon in the Navigation bar in order to access the same option.

In both cases, in order to be able to detach a label, the user should have a Developer, Manager, Admin or Owner User Role.

Searching labels

Searching for an asset by a specific label

You can search by specific search criteria inside the pool of all assets assigned to a specific label, using the main Search box:

Searching for a specific label

In case you are interested in finding all assets assigned to a specific label, you can search for this label's name in the Search box at the left panel and then just click on the result:

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