Edit images

Leverage the Filerobot Image Editor to edit images directly in the browser

In Filerobot you can crop, resize, apply different filters and add watermarks to your images. You can save the results as a variant of the main image or an entirely new asset.

Edit image

The Edit image button opens the Image Editor.

The Image Editor is a feature-rich inline image editor that supports the most commonly used image editing function of image editing software:

FeatureAvailable options:


  • Custom - contains predefined width&height cropping values, including standard sizes for the most popular Social media banners, logos, stories, etc

  • Rotate - option to rotate the image per 90 degrees

  • Flip X - flip the image horizontally

  • Flip Y - flip the image vertically


An option to specify the cropping values for width&height manually. You can drag and resize the cropping area with the mouse.


  • Brightness - control the overall lightness or darkness of your photo. Slide right for lighter images and left for darker tones.

  • Contrast - determine the distinction between light and dark areas in your image. Higher contrast can evoke energy and intensity, while lower contrast might create a more subdued or nostalgic atmosphere.

  • HSV - it stays for "Hue, Saturation, Value". Hue determines the color like green, red, blue, etc. Moving the slider left or right will shift the colors along the color wheel. Saturation controls the intensity or purity of a color. Higher saturation makes colors more vibrant, while lower saturation makes them more muted. Value (also known as brightness) affects the lightness or darkness of a color. Adjusting HSV can dramatically influence the emotional tone of your photo.

  • Blur - reduce the sharpness and clarity of the entire image.

  • Warmth - control the balance between warm tones (such as reds, oranges, and yellows) and cool tones (such as blues and greens) in your photos. Warmth adjustments can evoke feelings of coziness, nostalgia, or vibrancy, depending on the desired outcome.


Select from more than 40 filters to enhance your images.


  • Add watermark - add an already uploaded watermark image to your asset

  • Upload watermark - choose an image that to be applied as a watermark

  • Add as text - create a watermark of your choice, applying it as a free text to your image


Sketching tool

When you are ready with the Editing, click on "Save".

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