Filerobot Shopware module



Register for a demo if you don't already have a Filerobot account.

Step 1. Download and install the module

Install from Github

  • Step 1: Download the latest version Download Latest release of Module

  • Step 2: Rename the Zip file with the name

  • Step 3: In Admin go to Extensions / My extensions / Upload extension

Install from Shopware Store

  • Step 1: In Admin go to Extensions / Store / Catalog and search for "Filerobot by Scaleflex":

  • Step 2: Select the extension and choose Add extension:

  • Step 3: Go to Extensions / My extensions / Filerobot by Scaleflex - Digital Asset Management, Media Optimisation and Acceleration / choose Configuration:

  • Step 4: Update the configuration and activate the Module and your site is ready to go:

Step 2. Configure

  • Admin access key ID: Need to generate in "Setting" to call API in Admin Dashboard;

  • Admin secret access key: Need to generate in "Setting" to call API in Admin Dashboard;

  • Folder Id: This key will auto generate when the plugin activate;

  • Activation: Enable/Disable the module;

  • Token: Please enter your Filerobot token here (eg: abcdefgh);

  • CNAME: Enter the CNAME as per the configuration done in your Filerobot Asset Hub interface, once validated and the SSL certificate is accepted. (Or leave blank if none);

  • Security Template Identifier: To load the Filerobot Widget or Filerobot Image Editor, you need to create a Security Template in your Filerobot Asset Hub first, in order for your Shopware instantiation of the Filerobot Widget to obtain proper credentials and access your storage;

  • Filerobot upload directory: The directory in your Filerobot account, where the files will be stored.

The step to get "Admin access key ID" and "Admin secret access key":

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