Metadata variants


Metadata, as well a Tags can be translated in multiple languages. You can manage languages from the Metadata variants section under Settings > Project > Metadata > (tab) Configuration. Edit the Language variant to enable or disable languages.
Clicking on the
button allows to edit languages:
Please note the special case for the Language variants:
  • The topmost option will be the default language for metadata and tags
  • All language options are to be selected from a drop-down list of supported languages (and not free text entries) - the API keys are the ISO code of the language selected, e.g. en for English
  • the API key cannot be edited

Custom variants

You can also create additional custom metadata variants to declinate a metadata field in different dimension, such as currencies, file format, etc, ...
Create a new variant via the

Assigning a metadata variant

To link a variant to a metadata field, navigate to to Settings > Project > Metadata > tab Assets and either create a new metadata field or edit an existing field suing the