Apply image effects and adjustments

Filters allow you to modify images on-the-fly by applying different effects.

Available filters


bright=X | f=bright:X

adjusts the brightness of the image

contrast=X | f=contrast:X

adjusts the contrast of the image

saturate=X | f=saturate:X

adjusts the saturation of the image

gray=1 | f=gray | grey=1 | f=grey

converts the image to a black and white one

colorize=X | colourise=X

applies a color overlay

pixelate=X | f=pixelate:X | pixellate=X | f=pixellate:X

pixelates the image into X-pixel-sized blocks

blur=X | f=blur:X

applies Gaussian blur

sharp=X | f=sharp:X

applies unsharp mask to sharpen the image

Combining filters

To use more than one filter, you can either use separate parameters or concatenate them with commas into the f parameter:


Concatenate into the f parameter: /docs/ny_doc.jpg?f=bright:15,contrast:30,gray

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