Filerobot Drupal module


Step 1. Download and install

Download from Github

Install with Packagist

  • Step 1: Run composer require 'drupal/filerobot_by_scaleflex:^1.0'

  • Step 2: In the Drupal admin, navigate to Extend / find Filerobot by Scaleflex / Install

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Step 2. Configure

  • Activation: You can enable or disable the module;

  • Token: Your token from the Filerobot Asset Hub;

  • CNAME: If you have a CNAME configure in Filerobot Asset Hub, you can enter it in this field;

  • Security Template Identifier: To load the Filerobot Widget or Filerobot Image Editor, you need to create a Security Template in your Filerobot Asset Hub first. This will grant your Drupal instance the necessary credentials to access your storage;

  • Filerobot upload directory: The directory in your Filerobot account where the files will be stored.

Action needed when updating a Media Image

You need to click Update widget to load the image after choosing the image from the Filerobot widget.

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