Plugins & connectors

Third-party product integration

In the realm of ecosystem integration, seamless connectivity plays a crucial role in facilitating communication and interaction between different third-party components.

This introductory guide aims to clarify the distinctions we do among the two main types of software connections: plugins and connectors (aka applications).

1. Plugins

  • Plugins are software components designed to extend the functionality of a larger application. They allow developers to add specific features or behaviors to an existing software system without modifying its core codebase. Plugins are usually loaded dynamically at runtime, making it easier to add or remove them without affecting the main application's stability.

  • Plugins provide a modular approach to integration, enabling third-party developers to integrate seamlessly Filerobot into the host application/software, simply using our Filerobot Media Asset Widget to replace or complement the media gallery used by the third party software/tool.

2. Connectors (Applications)

  • Applications, also known as standalone connectors or adapters, are complete and self-contained entities designed to perform specific tasks or provide a range of functionalities to users. Unlike plugins and libraries, applications are intended to be independent and tightly integrated.

  • Our applications have their own user interfaces (UI) and may interact with other applications or services independently. They will always be performing a range of additional functions like programatic synchronisation and similar advanced features.

In summary, plugins extend the functionality of existing applications with a more passive role, while applications/connectors facilitate interoperability and seamless synchronisation between different systems by being placed in between them and actively intervening.

In any case, a manual integration will always be possible by the use of our Filerobot Media Asset Widget, whose code/package is linked in this documentation.

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