Background removal

An ML model that accurately separates foreground subjects from backgrounds, enabling easy and efficient generation of transparent assets


The Background remover is an advanced machine-learning model, designed to make background removal an effortless and time-saving process. By leveraging the power of deep learning algorithms, it can accurately separate foreground subjects from their backgrounds, resulting in high-quality transparent assets.

The model is built on a foundation of state-of-the-art deep learning techniques, particularly focused on semantic segmentation. It is trained on extensive datasets containing a diverse range of images, ensuring robustness and adaptability to handle various edge cases and complexities. By utilizing a multi-layered neural network architecture, it processes each pixel in an image to classify it as part of the foreground or background.

The model undergoes a rigorous training process, learning to identify different object shapes, fine details and semi-transparent elements in the images. As a result, it can accurately separate foreground subjects from their backgrounds, even in challenging scenarios.

Automatic background removal can be a game-changer for many workflows. By transforming product photos, portraits and creative artworks into transparent assets in a matter of seconds, it eliminates any fiddling with tedious image editing software or outsourcing the task to graphic designers. Professional-grade background removal can be achieved effortlessly, saving valuable time and resources.

Use cases

Automatic background removal can prove invaluable for multiple use cases, such as:

  • E-commerce product catalogs - The model ensures consistent, visually appealing product images that seamlessly blend into any website or marketing material and can streamline any e-commerce business.

  • Portrait photography - The background remover offers a quick and efficient way to remove distracting backgrounds from portrait shots, enabling better focus on the subject's features and expressions.

  • Design projects - Designers can explore boundless creative possibilities by easily overlaying graphics, text or new backgrounds, allowing for eye-catching collages, posters, and social media posts.

  • Presentations and marketing materials - Creation of professional presentations by placing images on any background, ensuring a clean and polished look that captivates the audience.

  • Image localization - The model facilitates localization for global audiences by enabling easy background replacement to suit different cultural contexts and brand aesthetics.

API endpoints

An up-to-date reference with all API endpoints is available here:

Example API responses

Input imageInput image
Output previewOutput preview
API responseAPI response

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