Post processing, Webhooks & integrations

Automations allow applying automated actions (background removal, AI-tagging, detecting brand logos, etc.) to uploaded assets during or after the upload process, or sending the uploaded asset's metadata to an external API endpoint.

The Automation settings are accessible from Settings > Development > Automations

Post processing

Post-processing includes the application of various verifications and enrichments to an asset on upload - e.g. detect if it's not safe for work, count faces in an image, remove image background and many others.

To add a post process, you can click on the "+ Add post process" button and select a post process from the list (See link to list below)

Remember that post-processes marked with a * require ASK Filerobot credits.


Please note that when marked "Unavailable", a post-process will not run and needs a preliminary activation. That happens with a request to our Support Team, and in the meantime, triggering will be prevented regardless of the configuration of the post-process.

Provided it is then available to your token, and your account has enough ASK credits to run it (when needed), the post-process will be applied to all uploads if the "Run on every upload" is set to "Enabled".

Post process list

Refer to Upload post processes for a list of available post processes.

Post process parameters

Once a post process is selected, user is requested to set the following parameters:



Sets if the post processing is SYNC (synchronous, -during the upload- preventing the asset to actually be stored while it's analysed) or ASYNC (asynchronous, meaning that the analysis job will be queued, allowing for the asset to immediately be available in the library)

Run on every upload

When enabled, post process will apply to every upload (allows you to prepare, test parameters, and temporarily put on hold the post-process while not losing the configuration)

Trigger rules

Defines conditions under which the post processing will be triggered. If "no trigger rules" is selected, the post processing will trigger with every upload.

Validation rules (optional)

Some post-process running in sync mode allow to determine attributes for a file that can be used to decide whether or not to take a predetermined validation action at upload (eg. Notice or Refuse the upload)


Web-hooks allow to call a 3rd party web service upon specific triggers and send all asset data in the JSON body.


Webhook parameterDescription

Webhook url

Target webhook url to POST event to


The domain address of the 3d party to post data to


The domain path to post data to

Basic Authentication

Requires a Username and a password

oAuth2 Authentication

Requires an authentication endpoint (with https://), a username and a password


Defines when the Webhook will be triggered

Assets triggerMetadata trigger

On upload

On change meta

On move

On change info

On rename

On change tag

On delete

On change label

Data to send

Defines which data is sent to the webhook









Length (in seconds)

MIME type


CDN link

HLS/DASH playlist URL


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