This section manages all users with Filerobot Asset Hub access

Invite new users

The Invite users modal is used to invite users where single or bulk invitation emails can be sent. Users can be created at the company level for access to all corporate projects or at the project level for access to a single or multiple projects.

User level

The Asset Hub supports various user access levels, a.k.a. user level.
The user levels Owner and Administrator are only available for company-wide users as they have access to company-related information such as Billing or Company
User level
Available menu
Owner (company only)
All Hub pages & System Settings
Administrator (company only)
All Hub pages & System Settings Limitation on Users: Administrators can only manage users with lower levels than Administrator
Only Billing
All Hub pages & System Settings except Billing and Companysettings Limitations on Users:
  • Company-wide Managers can only manage users with lower levels than Manager
  • Project-level Managers can only manage users with levels lower or equal to Manager
All Hub pages
System settings:
  • Project
    • Metadata
    • Storage
    • Process
  • Development
No System Settings
  • Home
  • Library (all pages)
No System Settings Hub:
  • Home
  • Library:
    • Assets
    • Folders
    • Sharebox
The user level determines which Asset Hub menu items are visible to a user. The user level does not govern the folders and assets a user can view or the permissions assigned to them. These accesses are controlled via the gallery role assigned via the Manage access modal.

User invitation flow

Users can only invite lower-level users, with the exception of project-level Managers, who can also invite Manager.
Individually or in bulk, new users can be added via the
button. Following fields are needed to invite an user:
  • Email address
  • User level (see above)
  • Access scope:
    • Entire company
    • Project(s): select projects user should have access to
Once validated, an email invitation is sent to the user's email address.

Managing existing users

A user can only manage lower-level users, e.g. a Viewer cannot manage a Manager.
The following attributes are available for editing:
  • User level
  • Active or inactive status
  • Access scope
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