Specify who and when should be alerted about important events, such as asset expiration, being tagged in comments, and others

Notification management


The metadata field used for the notification (eg. "licence expiry") needs to be configured (mapped) first.

It can be done in Settings > Project > Metadata > (tab) Configuration > (section) Field mappings:

⚠️If no metadata field is mapped, no notification will be triggered, regardless of the configuration setup.

Enable notifications

When the option is enabled, user can set notification on asset expiry by completing the following information:


Notification name

Free text

Notification type

Drop down to select the type of notification: Asset expiry ...

Notification channel

• Email • App • Email and App


Specify who will receive the notifications: • Asset owner • Users who downloaded the asset

Notifications schedule

Specify when the notifications should be sent: • On the day of expiration •

Unless otherwise specified, notifications are typically sent at 6am UTC

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