Tag management

General settings for tag management and use

Tags are managed in Settings -> Tags management. In order to see this page, you need to have a Manager, Admin, Developer or Owner User Role.


Control auto-tagging and whether to allow only the predefined tags in the Tags tab

Tag configuration


Auto tagging

This is an ON/OFF toggle button. If set to "ON" this feature will allow Filerobot to generate tags automatically. External providers are used to analyze the asset and push back tag suggestions for the content of your file.

Max number of automatic (AI) tags

This setting limits the number of tags generated by the external provider when auto-tagging an asset. Its purpose is to prevent the generation of a long list of not relevant tags (in addition to the confidence %)

Auto-tagging confidence

It specifies how confident the external algorithm should be that the auto-generated tag is relevant to the image. Values below 50% are considered low while values >80% are considered high. Only tags having confidence equal to or above the configured value will be shown.

Predefined tags only

A toggle button which, if set to "Yes", disables the Auto-tagging and allows Filerobot to use only the list of already defined tags in the tab "Tags"

Available languages

List of the languages that the tags support. To add/edit/delete languages, please refer to the Localization section


This tab enables the user to create a dictionary of predefined tags, translate them into all supported languages, and specify whether or not they should be suggested (in the asset management details screen).

You can define a new tag in one or more languages by clicking the "+ Add tag" button, which will take you to the end of the list of current tags. In case there is no specific value for some language, the default language value will be used instead of it.

If the toggle button "Suggested" is ON, then the tag will be shown in the list of suggested tags that appears on Asset Edit.

You can Search by Tag name using the Search box and to define how many columns with Displayed languages to be shown while you are editing the Tags data.

If you select one or more tags using the Selection checkbox at the left of the tag's name, then a navigation menu at the top of the page appears and provides the option to Delete or add multiple tags at once to "Suggested".

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